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Einstein's Messengers -- Watch an award-winning 20-minute documentary on LIGO from the National Science Foundation.  Related classroom activities and educational resources can be found at the Einstein's Messengers homepage.

Watch "Astronomy's New Messengers," a video from the 2010 World Science Festival featuring physicists Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss, astrophysicist Andrea Lommen, string theorist Brian Greene, science writer and author Marcia Bartusiak, discussing how LIGO may open a new window on observing the cosmos:

Video credit: World Science Festival

Gravity:  Making Waves -- Learn more about gravitational waves through this eight-minute video from the American Museum of Natural History.  The site also includes a visual tour of a LIGO observatory and an interactive demonstration of how the interferometer operates.

100 Hours of Astronomy -- Watch Michael Landry report from the LIGO Hanford Observatory control room during the online celebration of 100 Hours of Astronomy, recorded on April 3, 2009. - Learn more about black holes and the scientists that study them. Scientists from around the world are interviewed by a young musician.

LIGO on Future Talk - Mysteries of the Universe. Watch Brian Lantz and Riccardo Bassiri (Stanford University) explaining how LIGO works and discussing its technology transfers.


Gravitational Wave Sounds -- Listen to the gravitational radiation from binary black holes.  MIT associate professor Scott Hughes has converted the amplitude and frequency information from gravitational wave simulations and turned them into audio files, available in .wav and mp3 formats.


Turn your phone into a "gravitational wave machine" with our new ringtones made from purely gravitational wave "sounds." Gravitational wave sounds by LIGO, ringtones by Milde Science Communication, Germany.

LIGO from above

Aerial view of the LIGO Hanford Observatory.  (Credit: NSF/Caltech/LIGO Laboratory)