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Introduction to LIGO & Gravitational Waves
NASA Space Place Page on gravitational waves
EPO's Chronicles: An informative comic series focused on gravitational waves
    Episode 1 | Episode 2

Astrophysical Sources of Gravitational Waves

Popular Articles

Detecting Ripples in Space-Time, with a Little Help from Einstein (, August 2015)
Gravitational Waves: Sources, Detection, and Searches by K. Riles, 2012, 79pp:
LIGO and the Detection of Gravitational Waves (Physics Today, October 1999)
LIGO: An Antenna Tuned to the Songs of Gravity (Sky & Telescope, October 2000)
Catch a Gravity Wave (Astronomy, August 2001)
Waiting for Gravity (IEEE Spectrum, July 2006)
Gravitational Waves: New Observatories for New Astronomy (The Physics Teacher, October 2006)
Sounding Out the Big Bang (Physics World, June 2007)
It Takes a Huge Detector (and Plenty of Patience) to Chase Gravitational Waves (Popular Mechanics, May 2014)


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Einstein's Unfinished Symphony by Marcia Bartusiak
Ripples in a Cosmic Sea by David Blair, Geoff McNamara
Gravity's Shadow by Harry Collins

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