LSC LSC Meeting, 20-23 March 2005, LLO
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General Information

Contact at LLO

Bonnie Wooley
LIGO Livingston Observatory
P.O. Box 940
Livingston, LA 70754
225.686.3100 phone
225.686.7189 fax


LLO: Please see LLO Visitor page for maps and directions.

Meeting rooms assignments [pdf]

Program outline

Friday, March 18 Inspiral F2F (@LSU)
Saturday, March 19 Pulsar F2F (@LLO)
Saturday, March 19 Inspiral F2F (@LSU)
Sunday, March 20 Analysis presentations & discussions
Monday, March 21 [a.m.] Analysis presentations & discussions
[p.m.] Plenary presentations, start of technical sessions
Tuesday, March 22 [a.m.] LSC Council meeting, Technical Plenary sessions
[p.m.] Technical sessions
Wednesday, March 23 [a.m.] Technical sessions
[p.m.] Closeout discussions, meeting ends, Burst F2F
Thursday, March 24 Grid Computing workshop
Friday, March 24 Grid Computing workshop
Saturday, March 24 [a.m.] Grid Computing workshop



Please see LLO Visitor page for maps and directions.


If you want network access (wired or wireless), you must be registered. We've incorporated the network registration into general registration. Please fill out the form at the registration webpage. You will be asked to enter your MAC address if you want to have wireless network access.

Please contact Tom Evans [] if you have any questions.


Tuesday, March 22
7:00 pm


Current conditions and forecast for Livingston area