Embassy Suites
211 East Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91006
+1.626.445.8525 phone

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Conference contact

Dorothy Lloyd
MC 18-34 Caltech
1200 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91125 USA

+1.626.395.2966 phone
+1.626.395.2763 fax

Travel Security FAQ

See US Transportation Security Administration's website for guidelines on US airline security procedures.

Public Transit

If you're traveling to the LIGO/Virgo meeting this coming week, you may be interested to know that Los Angeles airports are well connected to Pasadena and Arcadia via public transportation. The LAX airport has a particularly efficient connection. If you're willing to embark upon a little Public Transportation Adventure, it's very easy, cheap, and fast to get from LAX to Caltech and, to a slightly lesser extent, to the Embassy Suites hotel in Arcadia.

From LAX: Take the FlyAway bus[1] from Union Station ($4, every half-hour[2]) and then the Gold Line[4] light rail from Union Station to Pasadena ($1.25). The Gold Line currently peters out six miles from Arcadia, but from the Gold Line's Sierra Madre Villa station (the last station on the line), you can take Foothill Transit[7] bus number 187 to the corner of Huntington Drive and 2nd Avenue ($1, 15 minutes, every half-hour[6]). This drops you off 105 feet from the hotel.

The Gold Line's Lake Avenue station is walking distance to the Caltech campus (walk away from the mountain, turn left at Del Mar).

From the Burbank airport[5] on weekdays you can directly board either an Amtrak[8] ($6) or a Metrolink[3] train that will take you to Union Station, whereupon you can (as above) transfer to the Gold Line light rail. There are 33 trains daily[9] (weekdays only!) from Burbank airport to Union Station, mostly during rush-hour.

From Ontario Airport you can take Omnitrans bus number 80 to the Montclair Transportation Center, where you can transfer to Foothill Transit bus number 187 which will take you to the hotel.

There's also a trip planner website[A], of course.

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Meals and Dinner

See the accommodations page for an interactive listing of area restaurants.


Breakfast will be served at the hotel for those staying at the hotel. No breakfast will be provided for other attendees before the meeting begins each day. However, a continental style breakfast will be served at the break (10:30 am PT) each day, including F2F days.


A buffet-style lunch will be provided from Sat, 3/14 through Thurs, 3/19. Each menu provides a vegetarian entree and side dishes. If you have any food-related questions or requests, please contact the meeting organisers.

Break and lunch menus

AM /PM Breaks

See Break and lunch menus

Meeting dinner

Monday, 16 March, 2009
7:30 PM
Embassy Suites Arcadia-Pasadena

Dinner menu

Council Dinner

Wednesday, 18 March, 2009
7:30 PM
Embassy Suites Arcadia-Pasadena

Council dinner menu

Manager's Reception

Please note that the Manager's Reception held each evening at the hotel (as described on the accommodations page) is ONLY for those staying at the hotel, included as part of the accommodation rate. It is not covered in the registration fee, and is therefore not for those attendees who are staying elsewhere.

Contact Dorothy Lloyd [lloyd_d[at]ligo.caltech.edu, +1.626.395.2966] with any special dietary requirements in advance.


Please test your presentation using a 1024x768 resolution. This is the native resolution of the projectors being used for this conference and this will help avoid problems in the setup of your presentation.


The maximum size for posters is 36 inches x 56 inches. Posters can be oriented portrait or landscape.

Posters will be put on display after lunch on each day and taken down after the poster session each evening. They will be placed at the same general location each day. Please deposit your posters at the main registration desk at the hotel when you arrive. You do not need to post them yourselves. The local organisers will set them up and take them down each day.

At the Monday poster session drinks and snacks will be provided for all conference attendees.


Current conditions and forecast for Arcadia area