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LIGO Magazine

LIGO Magazine is published twice a year by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and details the latest research, news and personalities across the diverse group of members. It is available in pdf format as a free download from this website. New issues are typically released in March and September.

Issue 24, March 2024

Issue 23, September 2023

Issue 22, March 2023

Issue 21, September 2022

Issue 20, March 2022

LIGO Magazine, Issue 20
(PDF, 5 MB)
Table of contents

News from the spokesperson – Foreword
GWTC-3 - Building a gravitational-wave catalog
Of magic mirrors, evil losses and small creatures: Double suspensions for active mirrors in O4
The new LIGO Exploration Center: A home for LIGO's STEM outreach mission
GWTC-3 Poster
There but for fortune...class discrimination in academia
Astro 2020 and gravitational-wave science
GW Quickview: Easy web apps for gravitational-wave data
GW Catcher: A gravitational-wave board game
Meanwhile in Space: The LISA mission moves into the next phase
The LAAC corner #5: Postdoc jobs and how to find them
A bright future for gravitational-wave science
Gravitational-wave detection on the Moon
We hear that
The LIGO Magazine #20 – Masthead
How it works: Cryogenic gravitational-wave detectors

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