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Vacuum System

HAM from the inside HAM from the outside Effluent analyzer setup

Beam tube sensor Turbo pump assembly Turbo closeup

Viewport installation Viewport installation HAM relocation

HAM relocation Septum installation Septum installation

Spool piece removal aLIGO tube alignment iLIGO tube removal

New IO tube at LLO New IO tube at LLO New IO tube at LHO

LHO X Arm BSC move LHO X Arm BSC move LHO X Arm BSC move

HAM's exposed by removal of an output tube Removing an output tube Moving the LHO Y arm BSC, 6/2011

Views of the Livingston vertex area

Large gate valves are visible above the beam pipes to either side of the chambers
Ion pumps mounted on the beam tube
Inner test mass vacuum chamber with adjacent gate valve

Images are provided by the LIGO Laboratory unless otherwise noted. LIGO Lab images may be used freely in the public domain with appropriate acknowledgement.

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